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About Costa Rica & Cahuita

About Costa Rica & Cahuita

Costa Rica is a small country in Central America. It is widely known for its environmentally friendly tourism. It is also popular for its stable democratic politics. Costa Rica has not had an army since 1949. No wonder, tourists from all over the world love this place and feel safe around here.

Costa Rica

The small country is one of the safest in all of Latin America. Low crime rates, no gang wars and also political stability. Since Costa Rica has no army, it is even more safe. There is no risk of military overthrow and the international community is there to help, should another country threaten with war.

Another characteristic is the states' commitment to environment friendly policies, especially when it comes to tourism. Over 30% of Costa Rica’s state territory is protected. There are 26 national parks and many other protected areas. Costa Rica is the natural habitat to an unbelievable variety of animals. Many tourists come here for that reason.

The country itself offers a great variety as well. Tourist can experience active and extinct volcanos, beautiful beaches, rain forests and so much more. The best part: The country is extremely small and easy to travel. Even in as little as 2 weeks time, you can see many places and landscapes. 


Only about 3000 people live in and around the village of Cahuita. The area is quite spacious, and the sedate town center is only busy during main season. You can still get anything you need around here. There are restaurants, bars and shops.

But what exactly can you do in Cahuita?

  • Cahuita’s national park is one of the most popular in Costa Rica. It is located directly at the beach and the entrance is right in the town.
  • There is a variety of different beaches surrounding Cahuita. For example Playa Negra or Playa Blanca.
  • Boat trips with snorkeling are popular as well.
  • What about a horse ride through the jungle? Or would you prefer the romantic tour at the beach?

Without a doubt, Costa Rica is a paradise wherever you go. We invite you to live the "Pura Vida" experience and book now!